At this time, we are not accepting any advertising requests. Please refer back to this page in the future to see if this has changed before making any efforts to contact us regarding your advertising opportunity.

We do on the other hand love sharing valuable information, content and offers with our readers. If this sounds like something you can offer, please do contact us and let us know a bit about who you are and what you do.

Please note: we only want to hear from those genuinely doing something different and valuable which is also relevant to our readers, sports enthusiasts.

How do we judge if your product, service or offer is useful/valuable?

To be honest if you find yourself asking this, your offer is probably perfect for someone else, but not us. To be fair though, your offer should at least match the below a few (or all) of the below criteria:

  • Enhances users sporting, health or fitness activities.
  • Helps users achieve their sporting goals and/or milestones.
  • Saves time, money or energy and is relevant to the sports, health or fitness industry.
  • Has made drastic improvements on competitor products/services.
  • Has thousands of genuine, raving reviews and celebrity endorsements.

Social Influencers:

We think social media is great for inspiration and brand building but at this time, we are not looking for any influencer opportunities or to establish any partnerships. If you are an influencer with an established audience looking to offer your followers some content jam packed with value on the other hand, we would love for you to feature our stuff! Let us know if we can help you do this in any way.