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The Average Cost of a Basketball Hoop (In-Ground Goals & Portable Ones)

Basketball is a hugely popular sport and, since being created in 1891, it has swept across the globe. In fact these days you will find basketball hoops and courts almost every where – playgrounds, gyms, schools and backyards. Hoops can be expensive though and many are itching to know what the average cost of a basketball hoop is.

Average cost of a basketball hoop - portable or in-ground.

So, we looked into it so you can get a better idea on how much you will need to spend to get a good basketball hoop (portable or in-ground/permanent) in your own home.

Average Cost of A Basketball Hoop

The average cost of a basketball hoop is $500. Your final price will depend on the type of hoop you buy. An in-ground basketball goal will cost on average $700 and a portable one on average $300.

A Word on Price

As with most sports equipment, you need to keep in mind that whilst paying the highest price does not guarantee quality, paying the lowest does guarantee low quality.

The best basketball systems require premium materials, expert installation and experienced craftsmanship.

You will find portable basketball hoops are considerably cheaper than the best in-ground basketball hoops. However, they are also less durable, strong, sturdy and useful.

Average Cost of All Basketball Hoops

The average cost of all basketball hoops sits around $500.

You will find portable options at considerably lower prices (around the $200 – $400 range) and in-ground systems at higher ones (between $400 and $1000+).

Within this average though is a huge range of prices and your total cost will depend on which type of hoop you want to invest in.

Let us quickly take a look at your options.

Portable or In-Ground Basketball Goal?

This is an important decision to make and will greatly influence how much use and enjoyment you will get out of your purchase.

In-Ground Basketball Hoops

An in-ground hoop is great for older players and those who take the game more seriously.

If you (or your kids) intend to compete or play in tournaments (at school, college or even professionally in the NBA), go with an in-ground hoop.

Such options are also significantly more durable, rigid and safe (providing they are installed correctly).

However, they can be tricky to install and you might find yourself having to hire a contractor/installer to get your system up-and-running which will add to your final cost.

Find details on how to install your own in-ground basketball hoop.

Find the best in-ground basketball hoops.

Portable Basketball Hoops

Portable basketball goals are perfect for younger players and those less serious about the game.

When positioned correctly, they can provide hours of fun and entertainment. They will also allow you to practise and perfect your basic basketball skills.

However they will rarely be as tall and sturdy as in-ground/permanent options.

Some might suggest you install a portable hoop permanently by burying it in the ground and securing it with concrete as you would an in-ground system. However, this is rarely a good option. This will make it even shorter and, because of the weaker materials, there is still the risk it breaks from extreme weather (or even just someone thinking they can dunk of it).

You should never dunk or hang on a portable hoop.

Of course the main benefit of a portable hoop is that they are incredibly cheap (especially compared to in-ground systems).

You will be able to find great quality portable hoops for from $100 and, if your buying for a child even less!

Check out the best portable basketball hoops for kids.

Questions To Ask

Still not sure which option to buy?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where will I setup and use my hoop? If you want it to be a permanent fixture in your yard, get an in-ground system. If you want to take it on the move, go with a portable one.
  • Who will use the goal? Older, stronger and more experienced players will need an in-ground hoop if they want to play aggressively or hang off it. Younger players however will have just as much fun (maybe even more if they aren’t tall enough for in-ground hoops) with a portable option.
  • How much do you have to spend? This is perhaps the easiest way to tell which type of hoop to get. If you only have $150 spare, you will only be able to afford a portable hoop in any case.

If in doubt still, ask your local basketball coach or even some other experienced players at your for some advice. Most ball players would be happy to oblige. Or get in touch with ask for some personal feedback!

Average Basketball Price By Brand

As with almost everything, the price of your basketball hoop will depend on the brand who produces it.

More premium brands will cost more and lesser known and trusted ones will be cheaper.

Remember that brand is not always the most important thing. Those new to the market can still offer quality products. However, you might be best going with a respected and trusted brand to be safe.


Spalding is a market leader in the basketball world.

They create quality basketball hoops that are used by some of the most esteemed basketball leagues and organizations in the world.

You will find that they supply a number of basketball hoops at various prices ranging from $50 to $1900.

The small (mini) and portable hoops that they make cost on average $50 – $200 and their in-ground systems cost on average $1500 – $1900.


Lifetime is another world renowned basketball brand. You will find them on some of the biggest courts in the world and in the homes of professional athletes.

Lifetime is known as the largest manufacturers of basketball hoops and they stock a huge range of products.

They also sell portable hoops and in-ground ones costing between $50 and $1700.


Silverback hoops are high-grade, premium systems. They are purpose built for at-home courts and are often considered on the cheaper end for permanent, below ground systems. The average Silverback basketball hoop will cost approximately $500.

Account For Installation Costs

Whilst shopping around for your basketball hoop, make sure you account for the installation costs.

It is possible to install a basketball hoop yourself however it will require a fair amount of equipment, materials, planning and work.

Remember to factor in and account for the cost of installing your hoop if going with an in-ground system. This can add up especially if you need a contractor to handle every stage of it.

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