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The Guide to The Best Goalkeeper Gloves (With Top 10 Review List)

Being a successful goalkeeper requires you to be fast, focused and agile. Having the best goalkeeper gloves is crucial for the most effective training sessions and allows you to be all of these things.

You are less likely to find a better investment than the right pair of goalie gloves. Seeing as you are the teams main defence against rival strikers and could well control the fate of the game, you need the best equipment on hand (literally!).

How to Choose the Best Goalie Gloves

Best goalkeeper gloves buyers guide.

Goal keepers play with a range of equipment depending on their personal preference. You might see some wearing shin guards, a helmet, a mouth guard and more. One thing every goalkeeper will wear is gloves though. Finding the best ones can really take your game to a whole other level.

The right pair of gloves can protect your hands, fingers and wrists, whilst allowing you to make more saves. This can all lead to you becoming a more competent and confident player and goal keeper. So, seeing as the gloves that you pick can help you avoid injury and have a better grip whilst remaining more comfortable, you should invest in the best.

As we covered above, a good pair of gloves will offer your hands protection whilst making you a better keeper. The right pair should be made of a high-quality material like latex and foam. The shape might vary depending on who you buy from, so you should try a few on to find the right fit before committing. Strong yet flexible material will be important so that the gloves don’t restrict your movement.

Types of Goalkeeper Gloves

Negative Cut

A common type of glove used by goalkeepers is a negative cut. They have seams on the inside and are created for players with smaller, thinner hands. Despite their smaller size, they have a large palm/contact area which offers exceptional levels of protection without compromising on gripping ability.

Flat Cut

Up next we have the flat cut, perhaps one of the most popular and authentic designs. With a single flat piece making up the contact area, they are usually available for a more affordable price. These might be the most common glove found at your local five-a-side footie game as they are often loved by beginner keepers.

Roll Finger Cut

The roll finger cut (sometimes known as a “gun cut”) is designed with flexibility in mind. They allow you greater finger movement which offers a significantly better grip. They are also a good option for those who often injury their hands whilst defending the goal line.

Hybrid Cut

As the name suggests, the hybrid cut is a blend of the designs above. As technology has advanced, manufacturers have been able to create a hybrid version of the negative and the flat cut. They effectively prevent injuries without negatively impacting grip strength, benefits from all the other types of gloves. The specialist design can come at a slightly higher price though.

The Parts of a Goalie Glove

In order to find and buy the best goalie gloves, you need to understand the different parts that makes one up. The main parts are the backhand, palm and closure. Each section works together to provide maximum performance and protection from powerful shots.


The backhand, found on the back of the glove, provides knuckle and finger protection when you punch and deflect the ball. The level of protection offered will depend on the materials and design used, most affordable options are made from a foam layer. You can find more premium gloves that have a latex backhand with a sturdy spine structure for added finger protection.

The Palm

The palm is essential for your grip and palm protection. The right design and materials will allow you to catch the ball with more consistency and counter play any attacks from the competition. Smooth gloves are the best option for grip and likely the best option for more advanced keepers. Dimpled gloves can sometimes last longer but your grip will suffer for it. Make sure you look for decently thick palms on your gloves for maximum protection.


You have two main options when it comes to the closure of your goalie gloves, hook and loop velcro or elastic. Elastic ones tend to be easier on and off, and are usually looser. Great for those with bigger hands. Velcro hook and loop closure gloves can be secured as tight or loose as you like. Some players find them more comfortable than elastic options because they can customise how they fit as they grow.

Optional: Fingersave Spines

Fingersave spines are part of the backhand of the gloves and can help reduce the risk of injury. They follow the path of your fingers and help if the ball strikes your hand at great speed. Having said that, some find the spines uncomfortable and they can limit your finger strength development.

The Top 10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves

1. Nike Spyne Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

*Details last updated on 2024-05-15


The smooth latex and the ability to customize the glove-fit make these gloves perfect for those that prioritize a quality grip. Whether you play in sunshine or rain, these dependable goalkeeper gloves will maintain their grip in any weather condition. The grip can be adjusted for the wrists, palms, and fingertips. 


The foam padding provides both protection and comfort for extended playing. The foam is thick enough to blunt most ball impacts, but the customizable grip still allows for superior ball handling. You’ll be hard-pressed to find goalie gloves that balance the need for controllable grip and superior comfort so efficiently.

2. Sportout Youth & Adult Goalie Gloves

*Details last updated on 2024-05-15


Sportout Goalie Gloves are made with wear-resistant latex on the palms of the glove. This means that not only will your gloves endure heavy use, but they will allow for excellent grip during play. The BACKBONE Finger Save System prevents hyperextension of the fingers, which gives you the flexibility to make great saves without risking injury.


High-quality EVA and latex composite materials make these some of the best soccer goalie gloves because they’re resistant to damage and splitting, even in high-energy adult use. The double-wrist safeguard provides extra padding where lower quality gloves lack protection, but they are still light-weight and comfortable to use. Sportout Gloves are great for both youth and adult play.

3. Adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Junior Goalie Gloves

*Details last updated on 2024-05-15


A mixture of polyester and polyurethane makes the Adidas Performance ACE Goalie Gloves a superior choice for grip control. The glove provides a comfortably tight fit while allowing for wrist and finger movement but still implementing fingersave technology to prevent hyperextension and allow for more effective blocking. 


The material mixture is a perfect recipe for a soft, conforming fit to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer. There is extra cushioning in the palm of the glove, which makes these Adidas goalie gloves great for beginner goalies who need a bit more protection. A great choice for protecting hands but allowing for excellent performance.

4. Adidas Ace Zones Fingertip

No products found.


These gloves employ EVO ZONE technology to maximize the quality of grip provided. EVO ZONE designs allow for excellent trapping and ball control, and the finger and fingertip designs are intended to provide as much surface area contact with the ball as possible. An excellent choice for players serious about grip control.


The latex and elastane mixture allows for great comfort and fit for most goalies. The inEVOtive hinge allows for excellent wrist fit, and the velcro closure makes glove adjustment during play a breeze. The glove’s comfort comes from the tight fit that is easily maintained through even the most rigorous play. 

5. Nike Match Goalkeeper Gloves


*Details last updated on 2024-05-15

The super-smooth padding on the palm allows the Nike Match Goalkeeper Gloves to exceed when it comes to grip control. Even if used during challenging weather conditions, these gloves will consistently provide top-level grip to help create easy handling and great saves in dry and wet conditions alike.


Not many gloves aim to keep your hands comfortable and cool, but the Match design excels in this area. The finger-mesh helps keep your hands from getting hot and sweaty, while the reverse stitching allows for a comfortably tight fit. Add the foam cushioning, and you get a goalie glove that is designed for comfort first!

6. Blok-IT Goalie Gloves

*Details last updated on 2024-05-15


The responsive foam in these goalie gloves means that you know whether or not the ball is firmly gripped. While allowing for a great grip, the Blok-IT glove is made from German latex, which provides the range of motion you need to pull off intricate saves and movements. 


The gloves are designed with several comfort features. Extra-thick protection on the back of the glove helps brace against unexpected impacts, and the fingersave feature ensures that you don’t hyperextend your fingers. These gloves are securely fastened at the wrist, which allows for energetic play without worrying about the equipment staying on.

7. Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard

*Details last updated on 2024-05-15


Designed to be used by professional players, the grip of these gloves are made with German Giga Grip latex. The pre-arched palm and 180-degree thumb wrap add to the superior grip that these gloves provide. If your number one desire from a glove is grip, then this Renegade goalie glove is perfect for you!


Composite latex makes these grip-friendly gloves quite comfortable as well! The mesh body makes sure that your hands stay cool and dry, while the fingersaves, extra wrist padding, and backhand protection ensure that your hands are both comfortable and protected from injury during high levels of play.

8. Storelli Gladiator Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

*Details last updated on 2024-05-15


The top-quality German latex in the Storelli Gladiator Gloves ensures that your grip is top-notch during play. The finger spines, meant to protect from jams and hyperextension, can be easily removed to customize your desired fit and grip level. The embossed palm allows for easy bending throughout the tough latex, allowing for top-notch protection while still allowing for the flexibility needed for tough saves and other maneuvers. 


These gloves feature a full-wrist wrapped secured by a double velcro touchpoint. You can be sure that you won’t struggle with slippage or bunching with these gloves! The mesh fingertips are perfect for keeping your hands cool, and the 3mm of padding makes sure your palms are fully protected from even the strongest impacts.

9. Adidas Performance Predator Replique Goalie Gloves

*Details last updated on 2024-05-15


The Predator Replique Gloves use Soft Grip Pro Latex to make sure you have the best grip possible whether you play in rain or shine. The gloves are made with a positive cut, which means you get more surface area contact with the ball, further increasing your grip control. 


The palm padding is thick-cut to keep your hands comfortable and protected. These gloves are made to match a number of different hand sizes, which is made possible by the full-wrist strap made with an elastic bandage. It makes it easy to get a comfortably snug fit regardless of your specific wrist or palm size.

10. Malker Soccer Goalie Gloves Goalkeeper Gloves

*Details last updated on 2024-05-15


These gloves employ a natural latex foam that is 12MM thick. The latex, combined with the gloves’ natural curve, allows for superior ball handling and contact, even if playing in rainy or snowy conditions. An excellent choice for superior grip control if you regularly pay in less than ideal conditions. 


Malker Soccer Goalie Gloves use finger spines sewn into the glove to offer consistent protection against harsh impacts. The double wrist safeguard makes sure your wrists don’t absorb harmful impact, and the wrist attachments use elastic and velcro to allow for a customized, comfortable fit. Add the built-in mesh fabric along the fingers, and you have a glove that is ideal for protection and comfort.

Best Goalie Gloves Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best material for goalie gloves?

You will find gloves made of many different materials, including rubber, leather, latex, plastic and polyurethane. The best materials will depend on what features you are looking for. If grip is your main concern, go with a latex and/or leather option. If durability is your focus, go with a rubber or polyurethane option.

What are fingersave gloves?

Fingersave gloves include a spine on the backhand that support your hands and fingers. They can offer more hand protection but some comment that they are less comfortable and can hinder strength development.

How do I wash my goalie gloves?

Well the first thing to remember is that you shouldn’t wash your gloves in the washing machine. For maximum durability and performance, wash them in a sink, bucket or tub with warm water and soap. Allow them to thoroughly air dry before use.

How can I increase the grip of my gloves?

Some people claim that spitting on the palms of your gloves can increase their grip. Also wiping dirt off them at half time can help with grip issues. Alternatively, bring two pairs for each half of the game.

How do goalie gloves perform when it rains?

Rain can make the ball considerably more slippery and effect your grip. As such, you want a Aquasoft grip for harsher weather conditions which can improve glove performance when wet. Failing that, punch the ball away when you think the opposing team is likely to score rather than try to catch it.

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