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Boxing Training Apps – Level up Your Fighting Skills

Boxing training apps to level up your fighting skills.

We were all beginners at one point and I guarantee that 99% of boxers were just throwing punches at random the first time they hit a punching bag. There is nothing wrong with this and it is part of dipping your toes into the world of combat sports. This is certainly not the most effective way to start honing your striking technique though. Read up on the various boxing training apps available for beginners, intermediates and advanced fighters and see how they could help you progress quicker in the sport and your training sessions.

An effective training session involves planning, organisation and proper results tracking which is why an iPhone or Android app can be so useful. An app which helps you train and track progress can ensure that your strength, stamina, technique and form is improving consistently. Doing so will mean that should you ever take a break from training (due to injury, sickness or even a holiday), you can jump straight back in when you are ready. You can consistently strive to hit personal bests and increase your goals and fighting aspirations. The problem is, there is so many boxing apps out there and even more when you take into account all of the health and fitness applications available! Let us help you by offering some information on each option (or as many as we can list) so you can better decide which app will be best suited for you and your training goals.

Please bare in mind that apps are fast changing and they can be removed from the various app stores almost as quickly as they arrive so apologies if any of the below applications are no longer supported by the time you try to download them. If this is the case, shoot us an email and we can let you know what app we are currently using in our fighting and strength workouts.

Boxing Training – Fitivity Inc.

The boxing training app provides a number of workout routines alongside personal training videos and makes use of videos and text content to instruct you on technique and best practises. There are two options (free and premium) but you should know that some reviews claim that the app only becomes useful once you upgrade to a premium subscription.

We have only tested the free version and whilst I can see the obvious merit of what is readily available, your results may of course vary.

Boxing iTimer Lite – Tatiana Malko

Simple is certainly not always bad and if you have bounds of energy and motivation, this app could be just the thing to take your at home or self lead workouts to the next level. Without a trainer or sparring partner in the gym to push you, it can be easy to take things a little easier when you are working out but one sure fire way to combat this is by putting time limits on your exercises. By tracking rounds and circuits you can make sure you are performing and pushing yourself throughout your training sessions. Incorporate rounds into all of your training to ensure that you are not taking too much rest or taking it easy. Each workout you should strive to last just that little bit longer on the heavy or speed bag, to do just a couple more pushups or even complete an entire additional round of your circuit training. This app helps you do that and keeps things simple so you don’t spend more time on your phone than actually working out. As the name suggests this app is free (at the time of writing).

Intervals – Red 8 Ventures

Similar to the above app, the intervals app helps you break down your training sessions into dedicated blocks of time for each exercise or circuit. With these apps you are trying to recreate the energy exertion your body will be put through in an actual bout. 3 minute rounds are the norm and if you are trying to get in competing shape you should be working your way up to as many as 12 rounds of intense psychical activity. The one reported issue is the advertisements which you can pay and become a premium user to remove (apparently).

Gymster – Mark Runza

So I am not strictly using this app for boxing sessions but I do use it for my weight lifting workouts (which I hope is building strength so my jabs, hooks, straight rights, uppercuts and body shots are more powerful so I believe that it all comes together). This is by far one of my favourite health and fitness apps out there and I became a premium member not long after downloading. Gymster allows you to keep track of the amount of weight that you are lifting across various exercises and displays your progress in a simple and intuitive way for each lift. This has helped me tremendously as I can see week in week out how my lifts are coming along. Not increasing weight or reps? I know there is a problem (either over training, under eating or laziness on my part being potential causes) and I can work out (pun entirely intended) where I need to improve. It keeps me motivated also to see the lifts consistently going up. I have been enjoying this one for about 5 months now and have to say, the few issues there have been have quickly been fixed by the development team.

MyFitnessPal –

You may (or may not) have heard of this one. Similar to the above it is not necessarily 100% focused on boxing but as any good boxer will tell you, your training does not begin and end in the gym. What you eat has a huge effect on your stamina, strength, reflexes and energy and taking care of this will allow you unleash huge hits on the heavy bag, pads or on your unfortunate sparring partner. The app allows you to set calorie intake goals, weight loss goals, take progress pictures, work out macro nutrient intake and also connect with like minded friends (those looking to take better care of themselves and their body). You can encourage others in your circle by liking and commenting on their new recipes, goals, milestones and workouts. This has been one I’ve been using probably on and off for about 5 years now and it is something I recommend to anyone looking to get in better shape (be that through boxing, combat sport or any new diet and exercise routine). I have personally used it to loose over 40lbs of unwanted fat which I am exceptionally proud of (plus, you should see that FitnessPal progress graph!).

Don’t Stick to Apps – Check Out Other Online Resources To

Why stick to just apps when you there are so many options when it comes to online boxing training tools? All you need to do is head over to Youtube and do a quick search for ‘boxing training series’ or ‘online boxing lessons’ to find thousands of videos from training experts ready to give away their advise for free. Yes, they may try to direct you to their paid training courses of offers from time to time (and honestly, they are completely within their rights to considering the amount of free value they are putting out) but there is literally hundreds of hours of video about proper training, form, technique, strategy and nutrition available for you to consume. Try not to get too caught up in this as these educational materials should always be an addition to your training regime but never the whole thing. More hours practising your technique is where you will see the best results but there is a time and a place for watching instructional videos about the sport.

Paid Online Boxing Courses & Software

No doubt there is hundreds of options out there for digital boxing training and some of them might even be half decent but I personally couldn’t recommend any as we have never tried them at Ringside Reviews. We are not confident directing you to anything that we haven’t personally spent the time curating reviews for, researching and/or testing ourselves so you will have to do all of your own research on these ones. Check out reviews from other fighters, ask your local boxing trainer and take everything with a pinch of salt when checking out online boxing courses.

What Can These Apps/Tools Do For Me?

A lot! The various boxing tools and apps discussed above and found online can help you in a number of ways including:

  • Allow you to train more strategically and intentionally in each and every workout.
  • Removes the need to have at times expensive boxing coaches present every time you want to get a decent boxing session in.
  • Allows you to track your progress.
  • Set strategic goals based on past performance.
  • Enjoy added motivation when seeing how you are progressing in your training.

Do You Need To Know Anything in Advance to Use These Apps?

Well technically know but you will definitely benefit from some general boxing knowledge and even if you intend to do all your training at home, you should stop by your local boxing gym for an introduction session just to learn about proper striking form and how to prevent injuries when training.

You will want to also have some general knowledge on health, fitness and dieting. If you don’t know anything about this you should consult your doctor before making any dramatic changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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