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Does Training with Punching Bag Increase Testosterone?

Man Training with Punching Bag To Increase Testosterone

To prove that I’m not a clickbaiter, I’ll answer the question right away: Yes, hitting a punching bag does increase testosterone levels. In the article we will explain why and by how much.

So, have you ever wondered if hitting a punching bag can make you more manly? I know I have. I did too. After all, punching bags are pretty cool and they make you feel like a total boss when you’re hitting them. But can they actually make your muscles bigger and your voice deeper? Well, let’s find out!

Testosterone Incoming, Baby!

First things first, let’s talk about testosterone. It’s a hormone that plays a big role in making us guys look and feel the way we do. Well, that’s the simplest possible explanation anyway. It helps us build muscle, grow body hair, and even gives us that deep “I’m a man” voice. But can hitting a punching bag make your body produce more of it?

Well, it turns out that doing exercises that make your muscles work hard, like lifting weights or even just using your own body weight, can make your body produce more testosterone. And hitting a punching bag is definitely one of those exercises. Cool, huh?

One study even found that guys who did resistance training for 12 weeks had more testosterone in their bodies than before they started. And if you add in some high-intensity interval training (HIIT), like short bursts of really hard work, you’ll get even more of that manly hormone.

Punching Bag vs. Cardio vs. Strength Training for Testosterone

I’m not going to talk exact numbers, since you can find that out in the complicated study I referred to. Suffice to say it has been found out that strength training (development and mass increase of lean muscle) has better effects on increasing the testosterone levels than cardio.

Considering that punching bag is something in between, it’s safe to say (although not really confirmed by an exact study), that training with a boxing bag is better for increasing testosterone levels than cardio exercises, but at the same time it’s not as efficient as strength training.

Testosterone Is Not Just Exercise

But here’s the thing, every person is different and factors like diet, sleep and stress also play a role in how much testosterone your body makes. So, just hitting a punching bag won’t necessarily make you more manly, but it can be a great addition to a workout that will.

If you train hard enough and you still have low testosterone levels, you need to check alternative reasons for that, like relieving your stress levels, sleeping longer and better, changing your diet and even overall lifestyle. It might be worth your while to consult a professional.

Conclusion – Punch That Bag

So, next time you hit a punching bag, remember that you’re not just working on your boxing skills, you’re also potentially building that manly hormone, but always keep in mind that balance is key. And don’t forget to check with a doctor or personal trainer to make sure you’re safe while you’re working on becoming the ultimate man.

Jake Dennon

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