Editorial Policy

We strive to offer the most reliable, accurate, unique and interesting content to our audience of fitness fanatics and sporting superhero’s. We intend to write about anything and everything sports related including: recent sports news, product reviews and buyers guides, workout routines, fitness trends, nutrition fact bites and practical techniques and strategies. To offer the most effective content possible, we knew we would have to live and breathe a dedicated editorial policy. Something all our writers could reference and use when planning, constructing, writing and publishing their content. We have broken down exactly what good content means to us below.

Spotted an error in one of our articles, want to complain, have a suggestion or just want to say hello? Please do get in touch. We strive to offer the best but hey, we all make mistakes from time to time. We are keen to resolve any you notice. Drop us a line at

The Sportarly Approach to Content

Our entire editorial team takes an intentional, precise approach to their writing and we all create our work alongside a developed editorial process. This helps ensure that the statistics, data, opinions, feedback and information that we include in our content is useful, true (to the best of our knowledge) and of extreme relevance. Part of this process involves asking a few vital questions before hitting publish to make sure that the content meets our editorial standards. Some of the questions we ask ourselves includes:

  • Would I personally read this (and would reading it be enjoyable and useful)? Authors are perfectionist but long story short, we know when something is worth publishing. If even we get bored proof reading it for the first time then how will our readers feel. Making sure that our content is something we would happily read or send to our nearest and dearest is something which allows us to cut dead ideas early and proceed with only the most important and/or interesting content.
  • What would I expect to see to convince me that this information is accurate and trustworthy? Something far too few online writers ask themselves, can I trust this source? Finding expert opinions, research and statistics is just a part of what we do. Be it talking things through in person with a top performing athlete or going straight to the coach, this is an area we pride ourselves in.
  • Does this content answer all my questions and satisfy my interest? You will notice we love linking to other pages on our website. Why? Well, because it can be incredibly useful. We try to make sure our content answers any questions on the topic being written about readers might have before they ask them! Sometimes a sub topic can be so large and complex that it warrants a whole new article which is why we love linking to other pages so much.
  • Would I be willing to pay for this content? Don’t worry, we don’t intend to start charging any time soon but this is an important question to ask ourselves. If someone wouldn’t be willing to pay (and not immediately request a refund) for our content, how good can it really be?

Editorial Disclaimer

We are under no circumstances offering medical advice. We do not (nor will we ever) claim to be a licensed professional or sports coach. If you have a question specific to you, your body, fitness goals, exercise programs or diet you should consult your doctor or a licensed professional. You should always consult your primary healthcare provider, a licensed coach or doctor before starting any new exercise or diet plan or before making dramatic changes to either of these. You should also carry out your own due diligence and research on any products or services recommended here. We endeavour to feature only the best but you will have your own individual requirements for your purchase, please make sure the gear/equipment you order caters to these individual needs.


All of our writers are extremely passionate about sports and offering value to our readers. We select writers only if they meet our strict criteria and agree with our ethos and approach to writing. We make every effort to only share up-to-date, accurate and research/statistics backed content and whenever possible we consult with experienced athletes, coaches and licensed professionals. However such efforts are not guaranteed. When such efforts can not be made, our writers are able to analyse online review profiles, manufacturer information and instructions, product images, performance videos, analytics software and tools (e.g. Google trends) and product warranties to be confident in the content we publish.


The Sportarly team are sports enthusiast through and through. We have each spent years both working in and enjoying our chosen sports and love writing about our experience and all things health and fitness. We hope you enjoy our articles and appreciate the countless hours spent on idea generation, primary and secondary research, content creation and editing.