Virtual Date Muscle Suit

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Want to look good for your next virtual date?

The Virtual Date Muscle Suit gives you bulging biceps, perfect pecs and washboard abs. The padded shirt offers that subtle, sexy and seriously shredded look that many of us dream of. Order now and watch your socially distant partners jaw hit the floor on your next virtual date.

For best results wear under the clothes.

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After hearing countless stories of hopeless romantics struggling through awkward virtual dates, we decided to take action. Knowing that so many of you are stuck at home, missing the gym breaks our hearts and a flirty connection with that special someone can help lift your spirits. So, we set our minds to coming up with a way to help. The solution? The Virtual Date Muscle Suit.

The Virtual Date Muscle Suit (VDMS) goes under the clothes and a creates subtle, sexy and seriously ripped look. Watch your socially distant partners jaw hit the floor when you enable your video and they see how seriously #jacked you are.

This is the perfect option for those in a long-term relationship too! You have no doubt been impressing your significant other with tales of the bedroom workouts and backyard cardio sessions. Problem is, it is easier to follow through on those workouts some weeks more than others and well, Netflix is calling…

Put on your VDMS before calling your loved one, sit back and watch the compliments come rolling in.

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Dimensions12.5 × 8.5 × 2.5 in

One Size

64 reviews for Virtual Date Muscle Suit

  1. Avatar

    Sportarly Customer

    5 stars !

  2. Avatar

    Ben Nixon

    Wear this 24/7

  3. Avatar

    Gideon Wiggins

    Not what I expected to be ordering but damn is it effective

  4. Avatar

    John-Paul Burns

    “subtle, sexy and seriously shredded” if you say so >.>

  5. Avatar

    Sportarly Customer

    Good, but will this still work if we are all wearing them..?

  6. Avatar

    Lilli Clifford

    My fiancee (long distance) loved it

  7. Avatar

    Tommie Buck

    Cheaper than the gym

  8. Avatar

    Zeeshan Wicks

    Had to return it because I am more muscular than the suit

  9. Avatar

    Kacy Dillard


  10. Avatar

    Sportarly Customer

    Sent one to my buddy because he has chicken legs, he needs it, trust me

  11. Avatar

    Adam S

    Can’t believe I ordered this. Do you do bottoms for my quads tho?

  12. Avatar

    Sportarly Customer

    Finally, something which works for me

  13. Avatar

    Kyle R

    My mom bought this for me..

  14. Avatar

    Sportarly Customer


  15. Avatar

    Conna Archer

    Think she might realise when we meet up IRL but s**t it got me this far!

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