Virtual Date Muscle Suit

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Want to look good for your next virtual date?

The Virtual Date Muscle Suit gives you bulging biceps, perfect pecs and washboard abs. The padded shirt offers that subtle, sexy and seriously shredded look that many of us dream of. Order now and watch your socially distant partners jaw hit the floor on your next virtual date.

For best results wear under the clothes.

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After hearing countless stories of hopeless romantics struggling through awkward virtual dates, we decided to take action. Knowing that so many of you are stuck at home, missing the gym breaks our hearts and a flirty connection with that special someone can help lift your spirits. So, we set our minds to coming up with a way to help. The solution? The Virtual Date Muscle Suit.

The Virtual Date Muscle Suit (VDMS) goes under the clothes and a creates subtle, sexy and seriously ripped look. Watch your socially distant partners jaw hit the floor when you enable your video and they see how seriously #jacked you are.

This is the perfect option for those in a long-term relationship too! You have no doubt been impressing your significant other with tales of the bedroom workouts and backyard cardio sessions. Problem is, it is easier to follow through on those workouts some weeks more than others and well, Netflix is calling…

Put on your VDMS before calling your loved one, sit back and watch the compliments come rolling in.

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Dimensions12.5 × 8.5 × 2.5 in

One Size

103 reviews for Virtual Date Muscle Suit

  1. Sportarly Customer

    Quick epic gainzz

  2. Kim Adelada

    Looks like it does in the photos so make of that what you will, I love it

  3. Sportarly Customer

    Did what it said it would and for a good price, nice one.

  4. Marshall Mandoo

    My best mate wore this on a few Zoom dates for a laugh and he got better results I’d say than when he didn’t..quality idea haah

  5. Simon Reginaldo

    So I wanted to impress this girl I was FaceTiming for the first time and thought I’d use this as an undershirt. On top I put on a nice tight button up shirt to highlight the muscle bulges. Let me say this, if you are able to experiment with the best clothing you will look like Thor himself.

  6. Muscle Max

    Look, I get it. You need a good sense of humour to pull one of these off (especially if/when you are caught) but for some of us we are buying them to genuinely help us out. The suit should at least not be able to be spotted outright. Ruined my date completely!!

  7. Sportarly Customer

    A LOT better than I expected

  8. Jose Rosenbal

    Worked well tho a bit small as I expected it might be.

  9. Sportarly Customer

    Funny enough if you are actually more muscular, it won’t work as well. Go natural unless you really need it (if you do, perfect item)

  10. Giles Gillingham

    Not the highest quality but does what it says it will.

  11. Katie James

    Looked great under a tee shirt (on hubby)!

  12. Alex Gerrand

    I used this to look like brad pitt in fight club, worked great

  13. Azasa Sheeriek

    Ironic that this would be most effective on the smaller people.

  14. Kyle Roody

    Great effect for the price ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Sportarly Customer

    Great fit and it was hilarious! She definitely appreciated the banter.

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