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What Size Punching Bag Should I Get?

A punching bag for your home can offer the ultimate workout and take your fighting skills to the next level. Whether you are buying for yourself or for your son, daughter or student, you want to ensure that you purchase the correct size so that the bag can be used for years to come and take even the heaviest of hits. You might be asking yourself “what size punching bag should I get?” and you aren’t alone. Use our cool new tool below to select which age you are buying for and we will take you straight to the size information most appropriate for your purchase.

Article updated January 14, 2023.

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What size punching bag for 3 year old?

A 3 year old will need a punching bag that is small and light. A punch bag that can be adjusted in height between 34 inches and 44 inches will be best. It doesn’t need to be too heavy either, between 2lbs and 4lbs will be perfect.

*Details last updated on 2024-04-21

Kids at this age grow fast, which is why an adjustable height option can be so useful. The punches being thrown by children this age also won’t be the strongest, so you don’t need a really heavy bag to keep it from falling over either. Fortunately, the bags designed for younger fighters come in a wide range of fun designs too. Whoobli brand makes one such punching bag and it’s currently available on Amazon as well. From the reviews you can see that kids do love it.

What size punching bag for 4 year old?

If you are buying a punching bag for a 4 year old, you should go for one that sits between 35 and 45 inches and weighs approximately 5lbs. These bags will offer your child hours of fun and help them develop their fighting skills.

*Details last updated on 2024-04-21

At this age, you can go with an inflatable or an adjustable height option. The punches hitting the bag won’t be the strongest which is why an inflatable option can be best. They are also more forgiving on the walls/area surrounding the bag.

What size punching bag for 5 year old?

A 5 year old is starting to get bigger and stronger, so you will want a slightly heavier and taller punching bag. 5 year olds tend to do best with an inflatable bag that measures in at around 47 inches because of their shorter stature.

*Details last updated on 2024-04-21

At 5 years old, kids are getting tougher and stronger. You want a punching bag that they can beat up and throw around a bit. This one by Inflatable Dudes can do just that. A fun design never hurts either to keep them motivated and ensure that they have the most fun training sessions possible.

What size punching bag for 6 year old?

At 6 years old, you will want to invest in an adjustable height punching bag. For best results, get a bag that can be put up to 110cm and that weighs at least 4 pounds. You can always use heavier, thicker materials to fill it if you want a heavier option.

*Details last updated on 2024-04-21

Really from the age 5 and on wards, your child might start taking the sport more seriously. At this age, you might even be able to find youth boxing sessions and lessons available at your local gym!

What size punching bag for 7 year old?

For a 7 year old looking to try their hand at boxing, look for a 2ft tall bag. These can be used as they grow and will help develop their strength too (many 2ft bags will weigh approximately 9 – 12 kg, that is 20 – 26 lbs, depending on what you fill them with). I will probably present this bag a few times here, since it’s kind of universal for kids of different ages.


7 year olds have a lot of energy. So, you want the bag that you buy to be able to tire them out and help develop their strength! A mini-heavy bag really will be the best option. If you are looking for a cheaper option for your son or daughter, look for a light-weight inflatable option instead. This is where the Robo punching bag by RDX shines. Good thing is they are reasonably priced and they even throw a pair of gloves for you.

What size punching bag for 8 year old?

An 8 year old will have the most effective boxing sessions if they have a 2ft tall punching bag to train with. Depending on what you fill the bag with, it will weigh between 9 and 12 kg (20 – 26 lbs).


Growth spurts are unpredictable and your little boy or girl could quickly outgrow any bag that you buy for them. This is why we suggest investing in slightly larger sizes, so they can still use them as their size and strength increases. Once again, the Robo punching bag does the job quite well here.

What size punching bag for 9 year old?

9 year olds can be strong and will usually need a higher-quality piece of training gear. Invest in a slightly heavier bag (16lbs is good) which can be adjusted in height (for best results, go with a bag which can be raised up to 52″).

*Details last updated on 2024-04-21

Ideally, you want your youth to be getting used to training on more advanced training gear before they enter their teenage years. This is the kind of training gear they will be using if they decide to visit a local boxing or MMA gym.

What size punching bag for 10 year old?

Any 10 year old kid will love training on a punching bag that is between 24″ and 28″ tall (approx. 10″ across). A good option will weight roughly 30lbs which will help them start developing their striking strength.

*Details last updated on 2024-04-21

The teenage years are fast approaching and, if they like boxing, they will want to be developing their strength at this key stage. One of the best ways to do this is by having a heavy bag to train on at home.

What size punching bag for 11 year old?

A 2ft punching bag will be best suited for an 11 year old looking for an effective workout. A good weight for a bag being used by an 11 year old is about 26 lbs.


So once again and the last time, the Robo punching bag will do the job here as well, although for 11 year olds it should be filled up to the max weight cap (12 kg – 26 lbs).

What size punching bag for 12 year old?

Your child is getting older and as such, they will need a taller and heavier bag. Select one that is between 48″ and 58″ tall (ideally an adjustable one). Your kid will probably pack quite a powerful punch by this point so any bag with a base that can be filled up to 15 – 20lbs will be good.

*Details last updated on 2024-04-21

At this age you can choose really between a speed bag or a heavy one (or, if you have more training space, both!). Heavy bags will help take your son or daughters strength to the next level where as speed bags will help them refine their reflexes and agility.

What size punching bag for 13 year old?

A youth bag for 13 year olds can either be a heavy one or a speed/reflex one. Any option that is as tall as 50″ will be a good investment. Any base should be filled up to 25lbs to keep it firmly in place.

*Details last updated on 2024-04-21

The teenage years are known for going fast and involving multiple growth spurts. As such, you want an adaptable bag that can grow with them. It would be a good idea to take them down to a local boxing gym so they could try out some of their bags, and ask the coach what size they would recommend for at-home training.


That concludes my list of punching bags for kids of various ages. I believe all these options are great and very well rated, so you won’t miss the punch (pun intended) with any of them.

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